CSR Management

CSR Materiality of Kuraray Group

As social requirements towards corporate activities become more diversified, the Kuraray Group has been identifying materiality (priority issues) to clarify initiatives with high priorities in accordance with the CSR guidelines which are considered as the international standard.

Process for Identifying Material Issues in CSR

STEP1:Selection of items
Items (aspects) to be studied in terms of importance and priority were selected.
Seventy items were selected, using GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4.0, which is aninternational standard, as an indicator, coupled with requirements in ISO 26000 and Responsible Care (RC).
The selected 70 items were evaluated by translating the degree of impact on Kuraray Group in the processes of value chain into points. These processes are procurement (raw materials, equipment, and parts), development to production (waste emission), sales marketing and shipping, processing, consumption, and waste disposal (recycling) and other (relations to local communities and central and local governments). Among them, about 30 items that were ranked high priority were extracted.
 At the same time, items for which outside stakeholders, financial research organizations, rating agencies and other entities are expecting Kuraray Group to take action were given priority.
The 18 material items were identified by taking Materiality items for stakeholders and Materiality items for Kuraray Group into considerations.
 Identifed items were validated by CSR Committee and reflected in the tasks and targets for related business activities.
 An approach for material items will be made in future.
Periodical reviews will be made to ensure appropriate selection and management of items meeting the changes of the times.

Materiality Map of Kuraray Group

Each identified materiality item is reflected in the CSR Activity Target and managed so that results are achieved. The Kuraray Group is considering whether to further narrow down and prioritize materiality as the Group, together with society, will need to actively link the initiatives to achieve sustainable development with business in the future. Such initiatives include contributions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations Summit in September 2015.