Share-related qustions

Where are Kuraray shares listed?
On the Tokyo Stock Exchange (trading began in 1933)
What is Kuraray's securities code?
Our securities code is 3405. Our industrial category on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is "Chemicals." (Since October 1, 2007)
How many shares constitute one treading unit?
The share trading units was changed from 500 shares to 100 shares on July 1, 2010.
Where can stock transaction procedures be undertaken (who is Kuraray's stock transfer agent)?
Regarding stock transaction procedures, Kuraray's stock transfer agent is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited. Stock Transfer Agency.
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We would like to know more about Kuraray's policy concerning shareholder returns (dividends).
Kuraray's dividend policy can be found here
Who are Kuraray's major shareholders?
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Company-related questions

When is the end of the fiscal year (financial year)?
The fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31.
When was Kuraray founded?
Kuraray was founded on June 24, 1926.
> The company's history can be found here.
How many people are employed at Kuraray?
The current number of Kuraray employees can be found on page 21 of the fact Book
What is Kuraray's most competitive business?
Kuraray products with the No.1 world share can be found here
We would like to know more about Kuraray's business.
To access Kuraray's business description please view:
Where can we find information about recent performance?
  • Information on recent performance trends can be found here
  • Files (Fact Book PDF) containing performance data can be printed here
In addition, the latest Earnings Report can be found here
We would like to know more about Kuraray's long-term strategy and vision.
The Medium-Term Business Plan can be found here
We would like to know more about Kuraray's CSR activities?
Please check the CSR page of the Kuraray website