The Company has implemented a change in its organizational structure, as set out below.

Fiscal 2001, the first business year of the 21st century, is a crucial year for Kuraray, as it sees the start of our new medium-term business plan, dubbed "G-21", which will serve as a compass to guide the Company's expansion and development as we enter the uncharted waters of the new age.

The G-21 plan will secure and build upon the successful results of the aggressive management style we have pursued under the previous medium-term plan, including business development on a global scale and active capital investment. At the same time, we are fully aware that we must take drastic measures to survive and prosper amid the current severe business environment. In line with this recognition, we have defined the core businesses and strategic fields that the Kuraray Group will target to achieve our goal of becoming "An Eco-Friendly Enterprise with Unique Technology", and have clarified the measures we must take to attain sustained growth.

Hitherto, Kuraray has implemented organizational changes on June 1st, but this time we decided to effect the changes on April 1st, the starting date of the G-21 plan, in the hope that this will augur well for the plan's successful outcome. The organizational changes will be put into effect immediately in line with the three basic principles set out below.

  • Strengthening of the Company's organization with the aim of early expansion and development of business operations
  • Creating an organizational structure that enables prompt decision-making to respond to market developments and meet customers' needs
  • Management conduct that connects to more efficient Group-wide operations