Sustainability Medium-term Plan for Planet

TCFD* Disclosure Roadmap

As part of Kuraray Group's efforts to deal with climate change control, we conducts scenario-based analyses to disclose information based on TCFD recommendations. TCFD Promotion Project Team, which is under the umbrella of the Sustainability Committee, collaborates with various organizations to show the financial impact and resilience in a number of climate scenarios. We will gradually enhance our disclosures by referring to the "Recommendation on how to use TCFD for business strategy planning : Scenario Analysis Practical Guide that Incorporates Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities" published by the Ministry of the Environment, as follows. For a certain business scope, we conduct and disclose an impact assessment of risks and opportunities based on climate change scenarios. We will continue to expand the scope of our analysis.

*TCFD stands for “Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures” which has been established under Financial Stability Board (FSB) to review how to correspond to climate change disclosures and requirements from the financial sector.