Sustainability Long-term Vision and Sustainability Medium-term Plan

Sustainability Promotion Structure

In January 2022, the Kuraray Group formed the Sustainability Committee, which took place of the former CSR Committee. Chaired by the President, the Sustainability Committee is tasked with making swift decisions on issues of sustainability at the management level, formulating and implementing response measures in a timely manner, and reinforcing the Kuraray Group’s sustainability promotion. The Sustainability Committee will also report on the range of its activities to the Board of Directors and reflect the Board’s directives in ongoing efforts to promote sustainability.

The Sustainability Committee is composed of six project teams (Sustainability Strategy Proposal, Global Climate / GHG Emission Reduction Project, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Promotion, Sustainability Portfolio Project, Sustainability Procurement Project, and Diversity & Inclusion Project), and Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Project Team as a corporate theme. The Sustainability Committee manages the progress and issues to promote steady implementation. The Sustainability Strategy Proposal Team is composed of cross-organizational and global members who analyze global trends in sustainability and propose necessary strategies for the Kuraray Group. The project teams are not fixed, but will be flexibly realigned according to the progress of the various measures. This Committee also manages the progress of Plan-Do-Check-Action related to the Responsible Care activities.
 The Kuraray Group held four Sustainability Committee meetings in 2022 to report and discuss the progress of each project team's activities. Examples of the main activities reported and discussed are as follows; measures to promote GHG emission reductions, progress of climate change scenario analysis, Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA) evaluation progress, implementation system for overseas procurement questionnaires, our impact on and response to European global sustainability-related trends and regulation,CCUS technology and practical application trends, and the development plan.