Sustainability Long-term Vision and Sustainability Medium-term Plan

Sustainability Medium-Term Plan

Sustainability-related measures formulated in the Medium-Term Management Plan “PASSION 2026” are summarized in the Sustainability Medium-Term Plan. All members of the Group will work steadily to carry out these measures and take on the challenge of realizing our Sustainability long-term vision.

Under “PASSION 2026” the various measures set out in the Sustainability Medium-Term Plan are grouped together under 3 "P"—which are Planet, Products, and People. We will pursue to engage with our various stakeholders by using this “3P model.”

By moving forward steadily with the measures in the “3P model,” we will aim to achieve a prosperity not only for Kuraray Group but for the society as well.

The priority measures in the Sustainability Medium-Term Plan are as follows.

Priority Measures and Progress Table