Sustainability Medium-term Plan for Planet

Reduction of Environmental Load / Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction, Water Resources, Chemical Substances

The Kuraray Group has identified (1) energy conservation, (2) waste reduction, (3) effective use of water resources, and (4) emission management of chemical substances as key environmental issues that will continue to be significantly involved in Kuraray Group business activities, and while the Medium-Term Management Plan, we set numerical targets and pursue improvements in these items.

Based on the idea of "providing more valuable products with less environmental load", the sales intensity of environmental load is used as the evaluation index of environmental activities. And in 2026, the final year of the Medium-Term Management Plan, we aim to improve the sales intensity by 5% or more compared to 2019. Regarding the emission management of chemical substances, we aim to not increase the environmental load outside our plants even if the businesses expand, and we aim to control the amount of emissions below the actual value for 2019.