Sustainability Medium-term Plan for Product

Sustainable Procurement

Following the growing social demand for adequate supply chain management, the Kuraray Group revised its CSR Procurement Policy and is requesting the cooperation of some business partners in Japan to comply with the policy in 2019. Under “PASSION 2026” we will extend the scope of this activity to business partners, including overseas partners, representing 80% of the Group’s total purchase amount (90% of the purchase amount for raw materials, secondary materials and products).

Our actions will be guided by a series of sustainable procurement programs. Our initial focus has been in Japan. Here, our initiatives started with disseminating our CSR Procurement Policy to major business partners in 2020, which we followed with CSR procurement questionnaires. We analyzed and evaluated the results of the questionnaires, providing feedback and supporting improvement as necessary. In 2022, we extended these initiatives to include the separate suppliers of our various business divisions and affiliated companies, representing 80% of the Group’s total purchase amount.

Also in 2022, we established a framework for carrying out procurement surveys overseas to expand this initiative to the business partners of overseas Group companies. Based on this framework, starting in 2023 we will request overseas business partners to comply with the CSR Procurement Policy and begin auditing the status of compliance.

  • Request for compliance with the Kuraray Group CSR Procurement Policy
  • Survey of compliance with CSR procurement policy through questionnaires
  • Discussion through the feedback of questionnaire results
  • Request for improvement plans of the items not fully complied
  • Support to implement the improvement plans as needed
  • Confirm the improvement status through audits