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Excellent adhesiveness, dispersion and transparency

Resins/Films Vinyl Acetate Derivatives


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Polyvinyl butyral resin (PVB resin)
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Under brand name MOWITAL™, Kuraray produces polyvinyl butyral resins whose properties are characterized by presence of butyral-, hydroxyl-, and acetyl-groups. With excellent adhesive and film-forming properties, strong binding power and outstanding optical transparency, polyvinyl butyrals are utmost versatile thermoplastics. Today, main application areas are inter-layers for safety glass, paints, lacquers, and varnishes (e.g. primers for metals and anti-corrosion paints), printing inks, temporary binders, and adhesives.


Coating compounds


Ceramic binders


High-performance composites (Prepregs)

Retroreflective coatings for traffic signs and road markings


Ability to bond to metal, ceramics and other inorganic materials

Optical clarity in film form

Dissolves in alcohol, mixes with a variety of organic solvents

High compatibility with other resins/plastics, depending on composition

Melt-molding is possible due to thermoplastic processing


Cross-linked with phenol resins, epoxy resins and isocyanate through the hydroxyl group

Low environmental impact as a polymer made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

With these characteristics, MOWITAL™ has a diverse range of uses. It is valued for its use in high-quality ink, as a primer/binder for paints for coating metals to prevent rust, and as an indispensable binder in the advanced fine ceramics field.

Standard grades and properties

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Dissolution method

Gradually add the resin while agitating the solvent. It will dissolve at room temperature, but will do so quicker at a higher temperature. However, if the temperature is raised immediately after the resin is added, there is a risk that the resin will become coalesce, so please increase the heat after the resin has sufficiently expanded, or turn the heat up slowly. If you are using a combined solvent, add a soluble solvent such as alcohol after allowing the solvent that will not independently dissolve the Polyvinyl butyral resin (aromatics, esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones) to expand properly on its own. There is no issue with adding and dissolving the resin into materials with a low polymerization rate that are quick to dissolve after preparing the combined solvent in advance.

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