Face Mask

On November 1, Kuraray Living Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka; President: Kiyoshi Kitagawa) will begin marketing a full head cover, intended to prevent soiling of garments with cosmetics or hair dressings when customers try them on in stores. These covers are shaped like a ski mask, made from non-woven fabrics, and have a transparent film window to allow the wearer to see.

It has been common for customers to wear a head covering made of non-woven fabric when trying on sweaters or dresses that are pulled over the head. However, customers were often made nervous because they could not see when wearing these head covers, in addition to which the covers had to be removed so that the customer could see how the garment looked in the mirror, then go to the trouble of putting the cover back on before the garment was removed.

Kuraray Living's Face Mask has a window of transparent film at eye level to ensure visibility. This prevents wearers from feeling anxiety, and reduces the bother of donning and removing the cover. Because the film has anti-fogging properties, visibility is not impaired by fogging caused by the wearer's breath or body temperature.

This is the first use of transparent film in such a head covering, and a patent has been applied for.

Kuraray Living will market these new non-woven fabric head coverings to large apparel retailers, specialty shops inside department stores, and boutiques.

Product outline

Size W40cm × H42cm
Types 1
Price ¥10 suggested retail price (including consumption tax) in packages of 100
Availability From November 1, 2004
Sales routes Large apparel retailers, specialty shops inside department stores, and boutiques.
Sales targets ¥10 million (in the first year)