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Interlayer film that enhances the safety of laminated glass

Resins/Films Vinyl Acetate Derivatives


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PVB film and ionoplast interlayers
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TROSIFOL™ offers the world’s broadest portfolio of innovative glass-laminating solutions, including structural and functional interlayers for safety and security applications, sound insulation and UV protection. For decorative applications, TROSIFOL™ supplies colored interlayers, digitally printable films and other innovative products for interior design projects. TROSIFOL™ UltraClear™ films exhibit the lowest yellowness index (YID) in the industry.


Structural glazing

Automotive safety glazing

Specialty glazing (transmittance of natural UV light)


TROSIFOL™, a structural and functional interlayer film, provides an innovative laminated glass solution for applications that demand safety, security, soundproofing and ultraviolet protection.

In addition, for decorative applications Kuraray offers color interlayer film, digital print interlayer film, and other innovative products for interior design. Kuraray’s interlayer film UltraClear™ boasts the lowest yellowness index (YID) in the industry.

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Standard grades and properties

Products that use TROSIFOL™ help people around the world by conserving energy, improving safety, and making it possible to create more freely designed architecture. It has a range of applications, from glazing for automobiles and other vehicles, to skylights for some of the world’s most attractive spaces and floorboards, as well as for architectural and structural glazing.

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