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MMB (alcohol-based solvent)

General name

A worker- and environment-friendly solvent

MMB (3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol) is a specialty chemical produced by Kuraray. It is a clear, colorless and completely water-soluble liquid with a mild odor. Thanks to MMB’s low toxicity and ready biodegradability, it can be used in European Ecolabel formulations. It has also passed the U.S. EPA’s DfE screen and has been listed in CleanGredients, a list of safer ingredients, in the U.S. since 2009.


Household cleaner (bath, toilet, clothing, etc.)

Industrial cleaning agent

Air freshener

Paint and ink

Printing materials (dampening water, blanket cleaner)

Emulsion and adhesives

Electronic materials

Foam fire-extinguishing agent


Cleaning agent

Improved cleaning capability: Improved cleaning performance through formula adjustments
Substrate control damage: Ability to control resin solubility through formula adjustments
Improved stability of high-concentration formulas: Lower viscosity and improved stability of high-concentration cleaning agent formulas
pH stability: Stable across a wide pH range
Dryness: Ability to control the evaporation rate through formula adjustments

Air freshener

Low odor: Mild odor
High compatibility with fragrance compounds: Provides high compatibility with a broad range of fragrance compounds
Unique volatility properties: Ability to adjust the aromatic evaporation rate and minimize composition changes during evaporation
Surfactant aids: Enables reduced use of surfactants in water-based aromatics

Standard grades and properties

Basic properties
Flash point 68ºC (Fire Services Act, Category IV, Class II petroleum, water solubility)

When mixed with water, there is no flash point when the ratio of water reaches 20% or more
Boiling point 174ºC
Freezing point <-50ºC
Viscosity 7.35mPa・s @20ºC
Specific gravity 0.927(20/20ºC)
Surface tension 29.9dynes/cm @20ºC
Evaporation rate (Butyl acetate=100) 7
Solubility in water
KB value >400
SP value 9.88

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