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Functional resins with excellent versatility

Functional resins with excellent versatility

Resins/Films Vinyl Acetate Derivatives


General name
Polyvinyl alcohol (resin)
Sales format
Granules/fine powder with defined grain size

KURARAY POVAL™ is the brand name of Kuraray’s globally produced polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). KURARAY POVAL™ features an extremely wide-ranging field of applications. The main uses are in the paper, adhesive, textile and construction industries, as well as in ceramics, packaging and electronics. The physical and chemical properties make PVOH very versatile. It features water-solubility, excellent film forming characteristics, high tensile strength and elasticity, as well as resistance against organic solvents and dispersing power.

ELVANOL™ is a recent addition to Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol product portfolio. Its unique particle morphology, coming from a special production process expands its range of applications. ELVANOL™ can be dissolved in the continuous cooking process designed for starch in which standard polyvinyl alcohols remain undissolved. This will be a significant benefit in paper coating applications, especially where polyvinyl alcohols are used together with starch to enhance performance.




Building materials



Protective colloid in emulsion polymerization

Food packaging


PVC production and compounding


Thermoplastic processing

Oil field cementing

Glass fiber



KURARAY POVAL™ and ELVANOL™ dissolve in water. The higher the water temperature, the quicker the rate of dissolution. These products have extremely high oil resistance, and are insoluble in most organic solvents. However, they dissolve in certain organic solvents such as glycols, DMSO and phenol.

Acid and alkaline resistant

These materials are mostly unaffected under weak acid or alkaline conditions.

Thermal stability

The melting point and temperature at which KURARAY POVAL™ and ELVANOL™ start thermal decomposition are close together, with gradual decomposition at 180ºC or higher.


Easily converted to threads or films, and the physical properties, including tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion strength, are excellent compared with other synthetic resins


Lower hygroscopicity than other water-soluble polymers, and any changes caused by varying humidity are relatively minor

Standard grades and properties

KURARAY POVAL™ standard grades

Type Grade Volatile matter % Sodium acetate % Hydrolysis mol% Viscosity (4%, 20ºC) mPa·s Purity %
Fully hydrolyzed 3-98 5.0 or lower 1.5 or lower 98.0~99.0 3.2~3.8 94.0 or higher
5-98 5.0 or lower 1.5 or lower 98.0~99.0 5.2~6.0 94.0 or higher
28-98 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 98.0~99.0 25.0~31.0 94.0 or higher
60-98 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 98.0~99.0 54.0~66.0 94.0 or higher
Medium hydrolyzed 27-96 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 95.5~96.5 24.0~30.0 94.0 or higher
Partially hydrolyzed
(Degree of hydrolysis: 88)
3-88 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 87.0~89.0 3.2~3.6 94.0 or higher
5-88 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 86.5~89.0 4.6~5.4 94.0 or higher
22-88 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 87.0~89.0 20.5~24.5 94.0 or higher
44-88 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 87.0~89.0 40.0~48.0 94.0 or higher
95-88 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 87.0~89.0 80.0~110.0 94.0 or higher
Partially hydrolyzed
(Degree of hydrolysis: 80)
48-80 5.0 or lower 0.5 or lower 78.5~80.5 45.0~51.0
Partially hydrolyzed
(L grade)
L-10 5.0 or lower 71.5~73.5 5.0~7.0 96.0 or higher

KURARAY POVAL™ modified grades

Type Characteristics Standard grades
K series Characterized by high water solubility and reactivity. It has a wide range of applications, including as a paper processing agent, adhesive and water-soluble film. 25-88KL
SD series Characterized by low viscosity and high solubility. It is used as a dispersing agent for thermal paper. 3-86SD
LM series Characterized by low hydrolysis and high surface activity. It is used as a secondary dispersing agent for PVC polymerization. LM-20
KX series Characterized by extremely high viscosity. It is used as a stabilizer for emulsions, adhesives and warp sizing agents. 105-88KX

Visit the KURARAY POVAL™ homepage for more information and other grades.


Type Grade Volatile matter % Ash content % Hydrolysis mol% Viscosity (4%, 20 ºC) mPa·s pH
ELVANOL™ 71-30 5.0 or lower 0.7% or lower 99.5 27.0 - 33.0 5.0 - 7.0
90-50 5.0 or lower 0.7% or lower 99.5 11.6 - 15.4 5.0 - 7.0
T-25  5.0 or lower 0.7% or lower 99.5 24.0 - 32.0 5.0 - 7.0
T-66 5.0 or lower 0.7% or lower 99.5 11.6 - 15.4 5.0 - 7.0

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