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Water-soluble thermoplastic material

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General name
Polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer compound for thermoplastic processing

MOWIFLEX™ is Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer compound for thermoplastic processing. MOWIFLEX™ is a nontoxic, biodegradable, water-soluble resin that forms clear, glossy films. It has high tensile strength and can be processed using conventional thermoplastic technologies (blown film extrusion, injection molding, 3D printing, etc.).


Barrier film

Food packaging/casings

Water-soluble film/packaging

Injection molding

3D printing (water-soluble support material)




Excellent film strength

Thermoplastically processable

Standard grades and properties


Grade Solubility MFI (g/10 min.) Tg (ºC) (a) Tm (ºC) (a) Hygroscopicity (%) Density (g/cm3)
C 17 25ºC/3-6min 14-20(b) 50-60 165-175 4 1.25
C 30 25ºC/3-6min 20-40(b) 25 170 7
C 500T 25ºC/<3min 6-10(c) 41 164 5 1.3

a) The glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting point (Tm) are the second measured values when a 10℃/minute temperature increase is done twice as measured by DSC.
b) 190 ºC, 21.6 kg
c) 190 ºC, 2.16 kg

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