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Circuit board substrate material with excellent high-frequency characteristics

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Liquid crystal polymer film
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Vecstar™ is the world’s first liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film, developed based on Kuraray’s unique film forming technology. Its excellent electrical properties make it suitable for high-speed circuits and high-frequency electronic devices, and it is widely used as a circuit board substrate material. Kuraray has developed a broad range of applications by exploiting the superior characteristics of LCP (low water absorption, heat resistance, dimensional stability, flame retardance and gas barrier properties, and processability).


Digital appliance display modules, CCD cameras, antennas, in-vehicle millimeter-wave radar, etc.


Low dielectric dissipation

Excellent electrical properties in the high-frequency range

Low water absorption

Properties remain stable under humid conditions

A single material

Homogeneous material that does not contain reinforcing glass cloth or filler

Good processesability

Thermoplastic nature allows for easy processing, including lamination

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