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Barrier material with superior barrier properties and transparency

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General name
Oxygen and water vapor barrier film
Sales format
Coating film

KURARISTER™ is transparent high-barrier film developed from Kuraray's proprietary technology. With its excellent barrier properties, transparency and heat resistance, it is used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging, and is designed for industrial use as well.


Food packaging

Beverage packaging

Medical product packaging

Industrial use as barrier panel and sheet


Highest oxygen and water vapor barrier level among existing plastic films
High transparency
Same processability as PET film

Standard grades and properties

KURARISTER™ C #12 for packaging application (retort food and medical)
Item Measurement method Measurement
Other conditions Unit Value
Oxygen transmission rate1 ISO14663-2 20ºC, 85% (out)/100% (in) RH Before retort cc/m2・day・atm 0.3
After retort (120ºC, 30 minutes) 0.4
Water vapor transmission rate Kuraray method 40ºC, 90%RH - g/m2・day 50
Total light transmission JIS Z7105 23ºC, 50%RH % 92
Haze JIS Z7105 % 2.2

1. Laminated structure: KURARISTER™ C // 15μm ON // 50μm CPP

KURARISTER™ CW #25 industrial application (Optical, Solar battery, etc)
Item Measuremen
Unit Value
Total Light
JIS K 7361-1 23℃, 50%RH % 91
Haze JIS K 7136 23℃, 50%RH % 3.5
Water vapor
transmission rate
ISO 15106-5 40℃, 90%RH g/ <0.01

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