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Water conduit pipe with high permeability based on the capillary phenomenon

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General name
Water pipe and infiltration tube
Sales format
Pipes, conduits

KURADRIP™ is a drainage-promoting water conduit pipe that is embedded into structures such as bridges, tunnels and railroad tracks to prevent deterioration due to water infiltration (rainwater). It helps to extend service life by preventing the infiltration of fine sand and soil, mortar and concrete, and using the capillary phenomenon to drain only infiltration water such as rainwater. It is attracting interest as a waterproofing measure in bridges and tunnels, which have been a focus of concern because of sudden intense downpours in recent years, and as an effective means of draining retained water and excess water. It is currently used for the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway and the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway.

In addition, KURADRIP™ is used in tunnels to improve the quality of concrete by removing excess water from concrete after pouring.

■ Registered in New Technology Information System (NETIS) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
an old NETIS number KK-120025-A
■ Eco Mark Product
Over 50% recycled PET fibers 15105007


Bridgework, repair work, monitoring, synthetic floors, box culverts, tracks, tunnels, railroad beds, spring water prevention, leakage control, preventive maintenance, etc.


Can be embedded in structures, etc.

Prevents detention of osmosis water (leaks, spring water) in concrete, crushed rock, mortar, etc.

Drainage promotion pipe utilizing a capillary phenomenon

Excellent water permeability through application of capillary phenomenon

Standard grades and properties

Product specifications
Material: Polyester fiber, recycled polyester monofilament
Name Inner diameter (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Weight (g/m) Length (m)
10 10.0±1.0 14.0±1.0 50 25
15 15.0±1.0 18.0±1.0 70 25

Values are standard values. Please be aware that standards could change.

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