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Isoprene glycol

General name
INCI name: Isopentyldiol

Cosmetic ingredient with superior moisture retention and antibacterial properties

Isoprene glycol is a unique cosmetics base ingredient produced by Kuraray. In addition to superior moisture retention and antibacterial properties, isoprene glycol is recognized for its good balance, including its extremely low odor and its compatibility with various types of ingredients. It is widely used in the cosmetics and personal care fields, including hair care and skin care products. For example, it is used in conditioners because it helps repair damaged hair cuticles. Subject to the same Japanese standards as those for quasi-drug ingredients, isoprene glycol has also been highly rated for its safety.


Usage examples

Haircare: Shampoo, conditioner, treatment, styling gel
Skincare: Makeup remover, facial wash, toner, moisture cream, sun screen
Color cosmetics: Lipstick, powder foundation, eye shadow
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Standard grades and properties

Basic properties
Boiling point 203ºC
Flash point 116ºC (COC)
Freezing point <-50ºC
Viscosity 250mPa・S
Surface tension 70.0mN/m
Density (20/20ºC) 0.974 to 0.982
Solubility to water

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