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Polyamide engineering plastic with lower water absorption, high heat resistance and high chemical resistance

Resins/Films Polyamide Derivatives


General name
PA9T, Polyamide 9T
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GENESTAR™ is a polyamide engineering plastic developed from a unique monomer. GENESTAR™ properties include low water absorption, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance and dimensional precision. Its applications range from electrical and electronic parts to automotive parts.


Electrical and electronic parts

Connectors, jacks, camera modules, switches, LED reflectors, etc.

Automotive electronics parts

Connectors, relays, insulators, wire harnesses, etc.

Automotive parts

Sliding parts (gears, bearing retainers, etc.)

Fuel parts

Tubes, pump flanges, lock nuts, etc.

Intake and cooling parts

Intercooler tanks, thermostat housing, etc.


High heat resistance

Exhibits stable mechanical properties over a wide temperature range with a melting point of 306ºC and a glass transition temperature of 125ºC

Low water absorption

PA9T is a material with low water absorption properties, even among other polyamides. This gives it excellent dimensional stability and stable mechanical properties.

Excellent formability

This material exhibits low outgassing during formation. It provides excellent formability with few burrs created despite high flow grade.

Electrical properties

It offers excellent tracking resistance properties (dielectric breakdown strength) and allows for the use of smaller parts by shortening the breakdown distance between high-voltage insulation parts.

Chemical resistance

It exhibits strong resilience to non-polar solvents and also excellent resilience to alcohol, water and other polar solvents.

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