Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Kawahara; hereinafter “Kuraray”) hereby announces its newly formulated global corporate tagline, “Possible starts here,” in tandem with the start of the “PASSION 2026” medium-term management plan. The new tagline will be reflected globally beginning today, June 24, 2022, the anniversary of Kuraray’s founding.

1.Logo with New Tagline

Since 1926, Kuraray has taken on the challenge of solving social issues and creating new value through our business. “Possible starts here” represents our corporate stance, which has remained unchanged, as well as our strong desire to create value together with our customers and partners for a better future.
 Under the 10-year growth strategy “Kuraray Vision 2026,” and our newly articulated sustainability long-term vision, we launched a five-year medium-term management plan “PASSION 2026” in fiscal 2022. Under this plan, we hope employees will harness their passion and help us realize our vision by uniting our efforts as we move forward toward our 100th anniversary in 2026.
 We will work to embody this tagline throughout the Kuraray Group with an even greater sense of purpose to develop innovations for a better tomorrow, solve social issues, and create new value through our business activities.

2.Special Website “Co-create a sustainable future for everyone.”

We’ve launched a special website to coincide with the rollout of the tagline. On this site, you can find Kuraray’s new tagline, imagery, brand story, medium-term management plan “PASSION 2026,” and links to more corporate information pages.

Special website:

3.Brand Story

Beyond impossible lies what’s possible.
Waiting to be discovered by those with the courage
to challenge the norm and bring about change.

Nearly a century ago, one such pioneer made
it possible for a successful company to serve the
greater good and society at large.

While also rewarding and nurturing its employees
and stakeholders.

That company is Kuraray.

And today while we face new challenges;
The need to protect the environment.
The need to improve global health.
The need to create cleaner chemicals.

That founding belief in what’s possible remains unchanged.

We still work for the benefit of all.
We still trust in our expertise in chemistry to go beyond and innovate.
And we still embrace the power of collaboration with others.

Knowing we’re stronger and better, when working together
to change impossible into possible for everyone.

As we make our journey together towards a fairer, safer,
more sustainable future, a real possibility.

Possibility can change the world. And it starts here.