Kuraray Co., Ltd.

An incident of unauthorized access to a server managed by the Company was confirmed and was found to have resulted in the leakage of a portion of information, which the Company announced on October 14, 2021. As a result of an investigation conducted with the assistance of external specialist organizations, it was found that some of the information that may have leaked included personal information, such as the names and company contact information of business partners and Group employees. No credit card information was included in the leaked data.

Those whose personal data may have been leaked as a result of this incident will be contacted individually after confirmation. We would like to apologize again to all concerned for any inconvenience. The incident and possible leakage of personal data were reported to the Personal Information Protection Commission on November 2, 2021.

Going forward, we will enhance measures to strengthen our IT security by working with external specialist organizations, and we will ensure a thorough understanding of our rigorous information management system.