Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray announces the decision to increase the prices of its EVOH products globally (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer; Kuraray trademark: EVAL) for shipments commencing September 1, 2021.

The base selling price of all Standard grades of EVAL™ EVOH, Specialty high performance grades and service products (ETC & GF) will increase by as mentioned below.

Region Price Increase
Standard Grades
Price Increase
Specialty Grades
Japan ¥ 50/kg ¥ 70/kg
Asia-Pacific US$ 0.5/kg US$ 0.70/kg
North America, South America US$ 0.5/kg US$ 0.70/kg
EMEA € 0.42/kg € 0.60/kg

This price increase is in response to continued elevated raw material, utilities and logistics costs.

Kuraray will continue to optimize global productivity, inventory management and costs to support the EVAL™ product line during this difficult time of supply disruptions.

Customers will be contacted and provided specific price details from their account managers directly.
Kuraray sincerely appreciates you continued support and partnership.