Dec 22,2015 IR

Notice Concerning the Merger of Subsidiary Bio Hard Carbon Co., Ltd.

Dec 02,2015 IR

Kuraray to Divest Its Shares in Kureha Battery Materials Japan, Terminating a Lithium Ion Battery Business Joint Venture

Nov 25,2015 IR

Announcement of Changes in Executive Personnel

Nov 25,2015 IR

Major Organizational Change (as of January 1, 2016)

Nov 17,2015 News

First in Japan! Innovative light guide plates created with Kuraray's proprietary micro form processing technology
Kuraray develops new light guide plates that control the direction of emitted light.
Perfect for stylishly lighting hotels, museums, stores and other venues

Nov 11,2015 IR

Consolidated Earnings Report for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2015 (Unaudited)

Oct 29,2015 News

Kuraray Develops a New CLARINO Variation for the High-Fashion Field
Marking the 50th Anniversary of CLARINO with the Creation of a High-End Man-Made
Leather Employing Kuraray’s Technologies and the Artistry of Italian Tanners

Oct 27,2015 News

Kuraray to Release AFFINOS Bioresorbable Bone-graft Substitute
Reinforcing Our Lineup of Medical Devices That Enhance Quality of Life

Oct 08,2015 News

Featuring both curability and elasticity
Kuraray Develops a New Photocurable Elastomer
Offering high-value added applications for adhesives, coatings and molding materials

Oct 01,2015 News

Kuraray to Expand Production Facilities for Optical-Use Poval Film
Providing Thin-Type, Optical-Use Poval Film for LCDs