Kuraray Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Ito; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) today announced the establishment of a new Polyvinyl alcohol ("PVA") resin production facility at its U.S. subsidiary Kuraray America, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary in Texas). Details are provided below.

Background of the Facility Establishment

  • The establishment of this new facility is in line with the Kuraray Group's global strategies for its core business of vinyl acetate and PVA-related products.
  • Following on business expansion in Japan, Singapore and Europe (Germany), this move will secure a fourth advantageously situated production base for the Group, in this case, in North America where shale gas is easy to procure.
  • Based on proprietary Kuraray production techniques, four production bases can sustainably offer high-quality products on a global scale.
  • The new facility will be able to meet demands for markets in North America and burgeoning Central and South America.

Overview of the New Facility Establishment

Location La Porte, Harris, Texas, the United States (land for facility has already been purchased)
Production capacity 40,000 tons/year in the first phase
Schedule The completion of facility construction is planned for September 2014
Notes For this investment which creates certain number of new jobs, Texas Enterprise Fund is granted by the State of Texas (Governor: Mr. Rick Perry) and Harris County Tax Abatement is granted by Harris County Commissioners Court.

Overview of Kuraray America, Inc.

Company name Kuraray America, Inc.
President George Avdey
Capital US$10.1 million (100% investment by USA Kuraray Holdings U.S.A., Inc.)
Employees Around 210
Principal businesses Production and sale of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH resin) and thermoplastic elastomers as well as import/export and sale of chemical and textile products
Location 2625 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite 600 Houston, Texas 77058-1551 U.S.A.