Kuraray announces the commencement of full operations of Kuraray India, a local subsidiary established in September 2008 as a base of operations to facilitate the sales and market development of Kuraray products in India.

During the opening ceremony, held at the Oberoi Hotel New Delhi on May 27, 2009, Kuraray President Fumio Ito made the following remarks:

“With India being a country expected to make the most advances in economic development worldwide, this is a region that we cannot ignore in relation to Kuraray's global strategy. Hereafter, I believe that the Kuraray Group's business will also develop together with India through the provision of Kuraray's proprietary products and technology.”

Owing to the establishment of Kuraray India, the development of markets in India's high-growth economy will be promoted further through its utilization as a base of operations for marketing Kuraray products.

Overview of Kuraray India

Company name Kuraray India Private Limited
Capital 72 million rupees (wholly owned by Kuraray Group)
Representative Shinichi Sato
Address 207B, Rectangle-Ⅰ, D-4, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi-11017, India
Business activities Sales of Kuraray Group products in India and market development
Number of employees 4