Sustainability Management

Basic Approach

The Kuraray Group creates economic and social value through the provision of its excellent products and services to the market and aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

The Kuraray Group’s business utilizing its unique technologies is related to various social issues such as resource saving, energy saving, environmental conservation, and improving the quality of life. The Group believes that its most fundamental responsibility is to resolve these issues, and therefore we aim to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by sustaining value creation through quality management in manufacturing with compliance, safety, and risk management serving as a base.

The Kuraray Group’s corporate activities are established by relationships with many stakeholders including customers and consumers, shareholders and investors, suppliers and partners, employees, local communities, and central and local governments. The Group will further deepen dialogue and cooperation with each stakeholder to realize sustainable growth.

Non-Financial Capital as a Foundation to Support Value Creation

Our corporate activities create a value chain in which we invest funds from shareholders and investors into the business, offer various top-level or one-of-a-kind products and services with higher added value, and distribute or reinvest financial value obtained through offering these products and services. To support the chain of value creation with the aim of sustainable growth and development, the Kuraray Group strives to strengthen its non-financial capital – including intellectual capital – that provides a broad spectrum of core technologies ranging The range of the Kuraray Group’s material issues is currently under review. It will include some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at the from materials technologies to those for processing, human capital to achieve human resource diversity, manufacturing capital to create a global production system, and social and relationship capital based on the trust of stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Group views appropriate return of earnings to society including social contribution activities as an important responsibility to fulfill. It will also aim to create sustainable value chain that is friendly to both human rights and the environment.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

In 2003, Kuraray set up the CSR Committee by integrating Social Environment Committee and In-house Ethics Committee, and bolstered its CSR promotion structure on a Group level. In 2018, the Committee's functions were divided into two committees, the CSR Committee and Risk Management and the Compliance Committee, both of which play a key role in implementing group-wide CSR promotion activities.

Six working teams (environmental preservation, measures against global warming, quality management and product safety, philanthropy, labor environment, and information management) are organized under the CSR Committee. These working teams study company-wide policies and targets and propose them to the management, while collaborating with various organizations in the Kuraray Group in addressing selected themes.

The Risk Management and Compliance Committee is a unit directly reporting to the Board of Directors, which endeavors to focus on measures against significant risks and ensures compliance, thorough corporate ethics, and fair corporate activities.