Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President:Fumio Ito; "Kuraray")and Kintetsu Corporation (Headquarters: Tennoji-ku, Osaka City; President: Tetsuya Kobayashi; "Kintetsu") announce that environment-friendly, organic solvent-free CLARINO man-made leather has been used for the lower-deck sofa seating on Kintetsu's double-decker "VistaCar 30000" limited express train.

Lower-deck seating featuring newly introduced CLARINO upholstery on the sofas

Environment-friendly, organic solvent-free CLARINO man-made leather
  • An environment-friendly man-made leather produced using the Kuraray-developed, industry-first CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems(*) (Location: Kuraray Co., Ltd., Okayama Plant, Okayama City)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) significantly reduced since no organic solvent is required in the production process (a reduction of over 99% compared with Kuraray's existing processes)
  • The production time can be shortened to as little as approximately one-fifth as long, CO2 emissions reduced approximately 35%, and drainage water cut 70% (compared with Kuraray's conventional processes)
  • Offers a texture, rich sensation and lustrous appearance that is close to that of natural leather

CLARINO Brand Logo Mark


Kuraray redesigned its CLARINO brand logo mark in November 2009 on the occasion of the start of full-scale production of this environment-friendly, organic solvent-free man-made leather. The new brand logo depicts CLARINO's environmental approach as well as the new value and role of the brand.

or this application, CLARINO environment-friendly, organic solvent-free, man-made leather garnered high acclaim for certain features, such as "intensity and elegance of color" and "soft, high-quality texture." Sumptuously setting off the new cabin of the VistaCar30000, CLARINO raises the comfort of rail travel to new levels.
Kuraray will enhance its user-centered approaches and accelerate CLARINO's product and market development.



The lower-deck seating on the four-car VistaCar30000 train (operating between Osaka and Ise), where use has been made of CLARINO environment-friendly, organic solvent-free, man-made leather, features a yacht cabin design concept. Drawing on the train's association with the sea at Ise Shima, the design evokes the sensation of coming down the stairs from the deck of a yacht to the cabin.