Kuraray Co., Ltd. today announced the start of full-scale operations of a mass-production facility using the CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems(*), a new environment-friendly man-made leather production system developed for the first time in the industry. On this occasion, Kuraray will shift to full-scale commercialization of environment-friendly man-made leather under the theme of "Launching Green CLARINO."
(Production capacity: 2.5 million m2 per year in Stage 1; Location: Kuraray Okayama Plant (Okayama City))

In January 2007, with the commencement of operations of a pilot machine, Kuraray started marketing activities for environment-friendly man-made leather and gained high acclaim from the manufacturers of sports shoes used in soccer, running and golf. Spurred by this achievement, Kuraray has adopted environment-friendly man-made leather for international brand products, supporting top athletes. These leather products are also used in casual shoes and in ball and sports glove lineups. Having the CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems at its core, Kuraray plans to accelerate the environment-friendly man-made leather business.

CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems adopted Kuraray's proprietary water-soluble polymer for the first time in the world in man-made leather production. The use of this polymer successfully realizes more than environment-friendliness - it offers the texture, rich sensation and lustrous appearance that is close to that of natural leather. Furthermore, the new production method enables Kuraray to enter new fields such as soccer shoe production, which requires excellent physical characteristics.

Major characteristics of man-made leather produced through the CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems (CLARINO / TIRRENINA types)
  • (1) With newly developed water-soluble, sea-island fiber (Sea ingredient: Kuraray's proprietary, water soluble polymer EXCEVAL; Kuraray is the first ever in the world to utilize this in man-made leather) and a new production method, the CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems can realize products that provide a texture, rich sensation and attractive appearance close to that of natural leather.
  • (2) New characteristics including ultra-high strength, water absorption and quick-drying properties, along with easy formability, enable Kuraray to cultivate new applications and participate in new markets.
  • (3) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be significantly reduced since no organic solvent is required in the production process (over a 99% reduction compared with Kuraray's existing processes).
  • (4) The production process can be shortened up to approximately one-fifth, CO2 emissions reduced by approximately 35%, and drainage water cut by 70% (compared with Kuraray's conventional processes).
* CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems
A production system line that integrates various elemental technologies newly developed with the aim of commencing Stage 2 of Kuraray's man-made leather business. By renovating the entire process, the CLARINO Advanced Technology Systems realized both environment-friendliness and high quality and sensitivity. (Patent applications: 92 in Japan and 17 overseas)

Furthermore, Kuraray established a new CLARINO brand logo on the occasion of the start of full-scale production of environment-friendly man-made leather.
The new brand logo depicts CLARINO's environmental approach as well as the new value and role of the brand. With a simplified design, the CLARINO logo adopts a light-green color to express beautiful, clear water.

Kuraray will make continuous efforts to protect the environment, while accelerating the development of advanced products to meet new needs and offer new solutions to users. By doing so, Kuraray will expand the business sphere for its man-made leather.

New CLARINO brand logo

Old CLARINO brand logo