Logistics Safety

To prevent damage to society at large caused by logistics accidents, the Kuraray Group is engaged in an ongoing promotion of activities to ensure logistics safety from the aspects of product shipment and storage.

We will make logistics more visible and efficient by introducing IT tools. We will also reduce the burden on drivers and workers by reducing truck-standby times and implementing "White Logistics" in an effort to improve logistics safety. At each of our business sites, we are working to make improvements through activities such as safety councils with logistics partner companies. Going forward, we will cooperate with internal and external related organizations, with a target of achieving a zero level of significant accidents.

Efforts on “White Logistics”

In 2022, Kuraray agreed with the aim of “Declaration of Partnership Building,” which was established in the Council on Promoting Partnership Building for Cultivating the Future, member of the Chairman of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, the Chairman of the Japan Commerce Federation, the Chairman of the Federation of Economic Organization, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Infrastructure, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastruct. As stated in this Declaration of Partnership Building, on September 30, 2019, Kuraray sponsored a voluntary action in support of the White Logistics Movement. The White Logistics Movement works on securing logistics needed for citizen life and industrial activities in a stable manner and contributing to economic growth by improving productivity in truck transportation and logistics efficiency as well as achieving a fairer work environment where everybody including women and drivers in their 60s can work comfortably in response to the intensifying shortage of truck drivers. To expand the movement, Kuraray shares the details of its Declaration of Voluntary Activities related to the White Logistics Movement both internally and externally with business partners and is taking initiatives to help the movement to solve problems.

Kuraray’s Declaration of Voluntary Activities Related to the White Logistics Movement

Kuraray endorses the White Logistics Movement and declares to take the following voluntary actions mainly by reviewing its transportation mode and securing safety:

1.Proposals and cooperation in improving logistics: We are open to sincere discussions on improvement proposals from logistics companies.
2.Utilizing pallets, etc.: We will strive to mitigate cargo handling man-hours.
3.Consolidating storage locations: We will eliminate loading at multiple locations to reduce binding hours and improve efficiency.
4.Improving transportation efficiency: We will further expand our modal shift from trucks to ships and railways.
5.Avoiding congestion: We will avoid traffic congestion of the Port of Keihin.
(Switch the port of product export from our Kashima Plant from the Port of Keihin to the Port of Kashima)
6.Standardizing logistics systems: Provide shipping information online in advance to facilitate shipment arrangement.
7.Safety measures for cargo handling: We will improve the shipping and filling equipment for hazardous materials and review the procedure.
Kuraray Logistics Safety Conference holds a study group regarding ISO containers used to transport products made of hazardous materials (at Kashima Plant).