Sustainability Long-term Vision and Sustainability Medium-term Plan

Sustainability Promotion Structure

In January 2022, the Kuraray Group formed the Sustainability Committee, which took place of the former CSR Committee. Chaired by the President, the Sustainability Committee is tasked with making swift decisions on issues of sustainability at the management level, formulating and implementing response measures in a timely manner, and reinforcing the Kuraray Group’s sustainability promotion. The Sustainability Committee will also report on the range of its activities to the Board of Directors and reflect the Board’s directives in ongoing efforts to promote sustainability.

The Sustainability Committee are composed of five project teams and a team responsible for proposing new Sustainability strategies. The project teams are not fixed, but will be flexibly realigned according to the progress of the various measures. Sustainability Strategy Proposal Team is made up of members from across the organization and throughout the Group worldwide. This Team analyzes global sustainability trends and suggests necessary strategies for the Kuraray Group.