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General name
INCI name: Squalane

A stable, safe oil similar to natural sebum

Squalane is commonly used in cosmetics as an excellent moisturizing agent. Kuraray established the manufacturing process for squalane based on terpenoid-compound synthesis technology. Since commencing commercial production in 1976, Kuraray has been the world’s sole manufacturer of synthetic squalane, which is widely recognized for its high quality.

About Squalane
To produce creams that protect the beauty of skin, cosmetic technicians have sought an ideal ingredient already present in our skin that would cause less irritation, feel good and be readily absorbed. Squalene, a key component of the sebum layer that covers the skin, is an oil that is non-irritating and feels good. Squalene is, however, prone to oxidation during storage, altering its properties. Those changes can place a heavy strain on the skin. Consequently, squalane (C30H60) – a chemically stabilized form of squalene – has attracted attention for enabling easy absorption by the skin and hair as well as for its properties as a stable, safe oil similar to natural sebum.


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