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Widely used hook-and-loop fastener

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General name
Hook-and-loop fastener (made of polyester)

Kuraray offers a variety of hook-and-loop fasteners with different shapes. MAGICTAPE™ is the standard hook-and-loop fastener, whereas FREEMAGIC™ is a type with hooks and loops alternately piled on the same surface. Both types are flame-resistant and have been certified by the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” for textile safety.


Apparel (general and specialized), medical, residential/interior use, packaging/binding, aviation, automotive, railway


High-quality fastener that consists of hooks and loops created from many years of experience and advanced technology. It offers convenience with a tight fit and easy removal with one press, excellent lightness and durability, and is adjustable to preferred size. As a fastening system with many benefits, it is utilized in a wide range of areas from apparel and household items to industrial products.

Additionally, previous hook-and-loop fasteners used polyurethane resin, which required use of an organic solvent as a reinforcement back-coat agent on the rear side to maintain adhesiveness and prevent decline in durability due to fraying during the washing process. However, Kuraray Fastening has established a new manufacturing method for an environmentally friendly fastener that takes into account environmental considerations and does not use a back-coat agent. Since it does not use a polyurethane resin, this material meets fireproof standards for trains, automobiles, and other applications without the need for fireproof processing. As it is a polyester material, recycling is possible just as with PET bottles.

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