Product Information

Polyester filament with unique properties, including water solubility and conductivity

Fibers and Textiles/Man-Made Leather/Nonwoven Fabrics/Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Other

CLAVELLA™ (fiber)

General name
Polyester filament
Sales format
Yarn, textile

CLAVELLA™ is Kuraray’s trade name for polyester filament. Polyester fiber was developed in England in 1941. DuPont acquired the patent rights and began commercial production of polyester fiber in 1953. In 1969, production of CLAVELLA™ began in Saijo, Ehime Prefecture, using technology licensed from German company Hoechst AG. Polyester fiber has excellent versatility and the volume of production is increasing every year, with global production capacity reaching nearly 70 million tons in 2016. The global market share of CLAVELLA™ is 0.01%. This makes Kuraray the smallest polyester manufacturer in the world. For this reason, Kuraray makes its presence known through the production of specialized fibers, such as water-soluble fiber MINTVAL™ and conductive fiber CLACARBO™.


Clothes (Apparel, textile, yarn)

Suits, formal wear, national costumes (Middle East), sportswear, uniforms, etc.

Daily commodities and functional materials

Towels, wiping cloths, medical materials, shoe materials, automobile materials, etc.

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