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Water-soluble copolymer that offers high water resistance

Resins/Films Vinyl Acetate Derivatives


General name
Special modified polyvinyl alcohol (resin)
Sales format
Granules/fine powder with defined grain size

EXCEVAL™ is the trade mark of Kuraray’s hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol especially designed for the requirements of “high water resistance”. When used as a dispersing aid / protective colloid for the manufacture of polyvinyl acetate emulsion for wood adhesives, high water resistance like DIN D3 level can be achieved. This level of performance is accomplished without the addition of any cross-linking agents thanks to the excellent water resistance of EXCEVAL™ itself. EXCEVAL™ contributes to the production of “formaldehyde free”, environmentally friendly wood adhesives.





Textile sizing and finishing

Photosensitive coatings

Pigmented paper coatings

Barrier coating of films, paper and other substrates from aqueous solutions


EXCEVAL™ Main applications
1 Improved water-resistance of film. Better viscosity stability in aqueous solutions at low temperatures. Vinyl acetate emulsions and adhesives Improves water resistance of emulsions and adhesives, and stabilizes liquidity at low temperatures (during the winter)
Paper processing agent Improves water resistance and reduces amount of coating needed for undercoat for release paper (supports use of non-organic solvents), overcoats, paperboards and pigment binders
2 Highly biodegradable Sizing agent for textiles Minimizes environmental impact from desizing wastewater, improves weaving efficiency through high film strength and reduces amount of size pick-up required
3 Easily absorbed by inorganic materials Inorganic binder Easily absorbed by ferrite primary particles, increases green strength and improves productivity
4 Suitable for thermoplastic processing Water-soluble films
Water-soluble materials
Water-soluble nonwoven fabrics
Enables production of water-soluble films, molded materials and nonwoven fabrics through thermoplastic processing

Standard grades and properties

Type Grade Volatile matter % Sodium acetate % Hydrolysis mol% Viscosity (4%, 20℃) mPa·s Purity %
Fully hydrolyzed AQ-4104 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 98.0 - 99.0 3.5 - 4.5 94.0 or higher
HR-3010 5.0 or lower 1.3 or lower 99.0 - 99.4 12.0 - 16.0 94.0 or higher
RS-2117 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 97.5 - 99.0 25.0 - 30.0 94.0 or higher
Medium hydrolyzed RS-1717 5.0 or lower 1.0 or lower 92.0 - 94.0 23.0 - 30.0 94.0 or higher

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