Our First Exhibit at Agri Expo Thailand 2023, a Thai Agricultural Technology Expo The Kuraray Group introduces agriculture- and livestock-related products in Khon Kaen, the heart of Thai agriculture | kuraray


Kuraray Co., Ltd.

 Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Kawahara) will exhibit at Agri Expo Thailand 2023, an agricultural technology expo to be held on September 14 and 15, 2023, in Khon Kaen, Thailand. This will be our first exhibit at this expo, and we will introduce eight products that help solve agricultural and livestock issues.

1.Products to be exhibited

Odor decomposition mesh

Bandage for tomato

EVAL™ EVOH resin
for hermetic bag

Odor decomposition mesh Designed for use in barns, this sheet breaks down and eliminates the smell of ammonia. Thanks to its capability to repeatedly absorb and break down the odor-causing molecules, it is long-lasting and its sheet form makes it easy to install.
Bandage for tomato This nonwoven fabric tape is air permeable, water retentive, stretchy and is easy to tear off the roll by hand without scissors. Adhesive-free, it can be affixed to bent tomato stems, roots, and other parts with perfect fit.
Insect repellent type
This hook and loop fastener is infused with a repellent on the hook side that ants and other creatures hate. Wrapping it around the cords of electrical switchboards and other equipment creates a barrier that can reduce the infiltration of ants.
EVAL™ EVOH resin for hermetic bag This hermetic bag leverages the gas impermeability of EVAL™. By keeping oxygen from getting in, the bag creates an environment that microorganisms, pests, and other creatures cannot survive, helping to maintain the quality of grains and seeds.
PVOH resin
This water-soluble synthetic resin is used as a binder to enhance the physical properties and ease of handling of granulated agrochemicals and fertilizers. It is used as a seed coating to improve the rate of germination and reduce the generation of dust during mechanical sowing. This highly versatile product’s many applications include use as a soil amendment and spreading agent.
Spider mite capture
(under development)
Employing a pesticide-free adhesive to trap spider mites, this product poses no risk of mites developing a resistance to it and the safety of fruit and vegetable harvesting is assured. The product comes in both a card type and a net type that can be used together or separately depending on the situation.
Biodegradable fumigation film
(under development)
An impermeable film for use in infusing fumigant into soil, this film enhances the staying power of the fumigant while reducing loss to the atmosphere. Because it is biodegradable, the film does not need to be removed after use.
Young tree protection hose
Sekisui Jushi Corporation
Easy to set up and transport, this cover for young trees helps prevent damage from animals. The cover uses a tube material with good air permeability and a Kuraray Group resin core material with excellent durability.

2.Overview of the Expo

Name Agri Expo Thailand 2023
Dates September 14 to 15, 2023, 10:00–17:00
Location Khonkaen International Convention & Exhibition Center (KICE)
Booths 1-2
Official website https://www.agriculturethai.com/