Price revisions for GENESTAR™ heat-resistant polyamide resin | kuraray


Kuraray Co., Ltd.

 Kuraray announced its decision to revise the price of GENESTAR™ heat-resistant polyamide resin for domestic and overseas shipments on or after February 1, 2023.

 Increasing raw material prices have reached to the level beyond unilaterally absorbable by self-saving efforts. This time, it is necessary to recover a portion of these increases to ensure ongoing supply and new product development.

 Under these circumstances, we have decided to implement the following price revisions for GENESTAR™.

1.Scope of revision GENESTAR™
2.Price increase
  Japan Overseas
Filler Reinforced grade +60 JPY\/kg +0.50 US$/kg
GF FR grade +150 JPY\/kg +1.20 US$/kg
GF FR non-halogen grade +60 JPY\/kg +0.50 US$/kg
LED grade +300JPY\/kg +2.30 US$/kg
3. Effective date Shipments on or after February 1, 2023


GENESTAR™ is a polyamide engineering plastic developed from a unique monomer. GENESTAR™ properties include low water absorption, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance and dimensional precision. Its applications range from electrical and electronic parts to automotive parts.