Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Kawahara; hereinafter “Kuraray” or the “Company”) announces that Belgium-based Chemviron S.A., which is the European base of its U.S.-based subsidiary Calgon Carbon Corporation, finished expanding and running test operations of the reactivated carbon production facilities at its Feluy Plant and has commenced full-scale operations.

Expanded Reactivated Carbon Production Facilities

Background of the Production Facility Expansion

・Produced from such materials as bituminous coal and coconut shells, activated carbon is a class of carbon substrate with numerous micropores. Activated carbon can be used in a wide variety of applications, depending on the size and shape of its micropores.
・Kuraray acquired Calgon Carbon in 2018. A worldwide leader in the manufacture of bituminous coal-based activated carbon, Calgon Carbon also boasts a top global position in the business of reactivating used activated carbon. The performance of used activated carbon is restored through high-heat treatment. The plant in Feluy, Belgium, came on line in 1974 and is the core plant of the reactivation business in Europe.
・In recent years, the use of activated carbon has become increasingly widespread, particularly for applications related to the environment, including water and air purification. In Europe especially, demand for reactivated carbon is growing for industrial applications, such as gas emission treatment and wastewater purification, bolstered by a tailwind of rising environmental awareness, including stricter environmental regulations, sustainable use of natural resources, and reduction of CO2 emissions.
・This expansion of the industrial-use reactivated carbon production facilities at the Feluy Plant in Belgium will enhance Calgon Carbon’s framework for providing a stable global supply of activated carbon and facilitate solutions to environmental issues.

Overview of Production Facility Expansion

Location Feluy, Belgium
Production capacity Expansion of 11,000 tons per year
Capital investment Not disclosed

Kuraray has launched its medium-term management plan, “PASSION 2026,” as a five-year plan through 2026, the 100th anniversary of its founding. To realize our long-term vision, “Kuraray Vision 2026” (“a Specialty Chemical Company growing sustainably by incorporating new foundational platforms into its own technologies and contributing to customers, society, and the planet”), we will strengthen internal and external organic collaboration and create innovation.

Overview of Calgon Carbon Corporation

Company name Calgon Carbon Corporation
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Representative Stevan R. Schott (CEO)
Established 1942 (acquired in March 2018)
Capital 618,000 USD (wholly owned subsidiary of Kuraray Holdings U.S.A., Inc.)
Principal businesses Manufacture and sale of activated carbon and water treatment equipment

Overview of Chemviron S.A.

Company name Chemviron S.A.
Headquarters Belgium
Representative Reinier Keijzer (President)
Established 1970 (acquired in March 2018)
Capital 8,952,000 EUR (Calgon Carbon Corporation 64.83%, Calgon Carbon Investments 35.17%)
Principal businesses Manufacture and sale of activated carbon and water treatment equipment