Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaaki Ito; hereinafter “Kuraray”) hereby announces that it has published the Kuraray Report 2019, an integrated report (A4 size, 46 pages, full color).
The aim of the Kuraray Report is to help shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders better understand the value that the Kuraray Group creates over the medium to long term by providing a comprehensive overview of financial and non-financial information, including environmental, social and governance data.
Going forward, the Kuraray Group will continue to hold constructive dialogues with its stakeholders while also enhancing the content of the report.

Front cover of the Kuraray Report 2019 Front cover of the Kuraray Report 2019

Overview of the Kuraray Report 2019

  • This report features Kuraray’s initiatives implemented under the medium-term management plan “PROUD 2020.” The aim is to become a “Specialty Chemical Company growing sustainably by incorporating new foundational platforms into its own technologies”—the ideal described in “Kuraray Vision 2026,” which sets out the Company’s aspirations from a long-term perspective. Also included in the report are sections focused on the foundations Kuraray has established to support new value creation in connection with environmental, social and governance issues.

To read the PDF version of this report, please click on the following link:

Sustainability Section of Kuraray’s Corporate Website

  • The sustainability section of Kuraray’s corporate website features detailed sustainability-related information not fully covered in the report. It is organized into the following principal topics: Top Statement, Sustainability Management, Safety Report, Environmental Report, Social Report, and Corporate Governance.
    In addition, the site was created using responsive web design and can be easily viewed on a smart phone or tablet.
    Moreover, the sustainability section offers reports created in line with the 2016 GRI Standards, international guidelines for sustainability reports.

Please click on the following link to visit the sustainability section of Kuraray’s corporate website: