Kuraray announces its decision to increase the prices of methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer, methacrylic acid (MAA) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) molding materials for shipments commencing May 1, 2017 to customers in and outside Japan.

Demand is firm for MMA monomer and MAA used in such applications as transparent resins, coatings and construction materials as well as for PMMA, which is made using MMA monomer, for applications related to automobiles and LCDs.

In terms of supply, however, the supply-demand balance of MMA and MAA has come under pressure due to a string of production adjustments since 2016, including production suspensions due to regular repairs and facility-related problems in the markets of Europe, the United States and Asia, as well as difficulty procuring raw materials. Furthermore, the strained supply of MMA has caused a shortage of raw materials, limiting the supply of PMMA.

Kuraray expects the pressure on the supply-demand balance of these products to continue for some time. In light of these circumstances, Kuraray decided to implement price revisions to maintain a stable supply. Details of the price revisions are as follows.

1. Scope of revisions MMA monomer and MAA
PMMA molding materialPARAPET
2. Price increase
MMA monomer and MAA shipments in Japan ¥ 16 per kilogram
PMMA molding material PARAPET shipments in Japan ¥ 35–45 per kilogram
PMMA molding material PARAPET overseas shipments US$ 300–400 per ton
3. Effective date Shipments from May 1, 2017