Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Fumio Ito;"Kuraray") has announced its decision to expand production facilities for optical-use poval film, which serves as a base film for polarized film, an essential component of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), at its Saijo Plant (Saijo, Ehime, Japan). Details are given below.

Background to Facility Expansion

  • The LCD market is experiencing steady growth owing to the global prevalence of LCD TVs. In particular, sales of large LCD TVs measuring 40 inches or more are expected to increase significantly.
  • In anticipation of rising future demand for optical-use poval film, Kuraray has deemed it necessary to expand its production facilities to maintain a stable supply system.

The production line to be expanded will be the first in the industry to manufacture 5,000mm wide-type, optical-use poval film, contributing to the increased production efficiency of polarized films for use in large LCD TVs.

Outline of Facility Expansion

Location Kuraray Co., Ltd., Saijo Plant, 892, Tsuitachi, Saijo, Ehime, Japan
Production capacity 32 million ㎡/year
Commencement of operations June 2013 (scheduled)
Capital investment approx. ¥13 billion

Production Capacity

At present, Kuraray is working to expand optical-use poval film facilities by 20 million ㎡ per year with the aim of commencing operations in first quarter of fiscal 2012. In combination with the 32 million ㎡ increase, Kuraray will expand its annual production capacity of optical-use poval film from the current 160 million ㎡ to 212 million ㎡.
As a leading company in optical-use poval film, Kuraray will contribute to the expansion of the LCD market by developing new technologies and improving quality.