Kuraray announced its decision to revise the price of GENESTAR heat-resistant polyamide resin for domestic and overseas shipments commencing August 15, 2011.

At present, the price of butadiene, GENESTAR's main raw material, is surging due to a shortage in global supply, while prices of other auxiliary materials continue to rise. Moreover, the ongoing strong yen is exacerbating the deteriorating profitability of overseas sales of GENESTAR.
In light of these circumstances, Kuraray is continuously maximizing its cost-reduction efforts. However, such actions have proved insufficient to absorb the recent increases in raw material and fuel prices and ongoing high yen rates. As a result, the Company's domestic and overseas operating revenues from its GENESTAR business have deteriorated rapidly.

In an effort to maintain a stable supply and improve business profitability, Kuraray has decided to implement the following upward price revision for GENESTAR.

1. Scope of revision Domestic and overseas shipments of GENESTAR heat-resistant polyamide resin
2. Price increase ¥85/kg in Japan
$1.5/kg overseas
3. Effective date Shipments from August 15, 2011


Kuraray was first in the world to industrialize nonanediamine, a proprietary monomer with a carbon number of nine. GENESTAR is a polyamide resin (Polyamide 9T) that is made using this monomer. It boasts excellent heat and light resistance, low water absorbency, high abrasion resistance, superior insulation performance and excellent chemical resistance.

Surface mount technology (SMT) has become increasingly used in the electrical and electronic parts field. Demand for GENESTAR has expanded because its resistance to high temperatures makes it suitable for use with lead-free solder, especially in applications for mobile phones, personal computers, digital cameras and other devices. In recent years, demand for GENESTAR has increased significantly for use in LED reflective plates in LCD television backlights and other devices.