Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces its decision to increase the prices of such items as liquid rubber products as well as of ISOBAM isobutylene water-soluble resin. Details of the price revisions are given below.

Crude oil and naphtha prices, which have continued to increase since the beginning of this year, are expected to climb even higher. The resulting rapid rise in production costs for such products as liquid rubber and isobutylene water-soluble resin has far exceeded the levels possible through the Company's own cost reduction endeavors. Under these circumstances, to maintain a steady supply and to improve profitability, Kuraray has decided to implement the price revisions set out below.

1.Scope of revision Liquid rubber, trans-polyisoprene rubber ISOBAM isobutylene water-soluble resin KURAMIRON thermoplastic polyurethane
2.Effective date Shipments on and after May 23, 2011
3.Scope of revision and
price increases
  Japan Export
Liquid rubber JPY 70/kg US$ 0.85/kg
Trans-polyisoprene rubber JPY 70/kg US$ 0.85/kg
ISOBAM isobutylene water-soluble resin JPY 40/kg US$ 0.49/kg
KURAMIRON thermoplastic polyurethane JPY 40/kg US$ 0.49/kg