Kuraray announces the decision to increase prices of its polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers KURALON and KURALON K-II for shipments commencing February 1, 2011, as outlined below.
Amid last year's surging crude oil and naphtha prices, the steep rises in raw materials and fuel costs far exceeded the Company's own cost reduction endeavors and brought about a rapid deterioration in profitability.
Under these circumstances, the Company was compelled to implement the following price revisions to ensure a stable supply and improve profitability.

Scope of revisions All domestic and overseas shipments of KURALON and KURALON K-II, as well as polyester staple fibers
Price increases By 5%-10% per kilogram
Effective date Shipments from February 1, 2011
Remarks The PVA fiber with which Kuraray holds a leading share of the domestic and overseas markets, KURALON is primarily used in industrial materials, including as a reinforcing agent for cement as an alternative to asbestos. It is also used as a reinforcing fiber in materials including paper, nonwoven fabrics and rubber materials as well as for making rope and nets.
Kuraray's polyester staple fibers are used as raw stock in nonwoven fabrics, and as yarns and knits in industrial materials such as thread and cloth.