Kuraray Co., Ltd. ("Kuraray"; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Fumio Ito) today announces that its man-made leather CLARINO has been adopted for use in four lines of shoes in the new Bridgestone Sports Corporation ("Bridgestone Sports"; Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Sugio Fukuoka) series "TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi." The new shoes will be released in series from October 21, 2010.

The following two types of CLARINO have been adopted for the uppers of Bridgestone Sports' TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi walking shoes:

  • Leveraging a new Kuraray manufacturing method, CLARINO boasts ultra-high tear strength (approximately twice as strong as Kuraray's conventional products). In addition, special finish processing has a yielded texture and feel that is very close to natural leather.
  • On top of its ultra-high strength, CLARINO boasts high water resistance, so that it can keep the wearer comfortable, even in the rain. CLARINO is a next-generation man-made leather with just the right degree of stretchiness while retaining its shape.
  • Leveraging one of Kuraray's specialty manufacturing methods, CLARINO PARCASSIO improved the material's moisture and air permeability. Adopting a method used in the finish processing of natural leather, Kuraray was able to also realize a natural appearance and texture.
  • With highly durable finish (flexible and scuff resistant), CLARINO PARCASSIO is a lightweight next-generation man-made leather that boasts a natural leather-like appearance, a good level of stretchiness and softness.

Cross-section view of CLARINO

Cross-section view of CLARINO PARCASSIO

While such functional products as CLARINO and CLARINO PARCASSIO have been adopted for use by another manufacturer, Kuraray has been promoting materials based on environment-friendly, organic solvent-free CLARINO, the use of which significantly shortens the production process and organic solvent use while cutting the volume of wastewater and CO2 emissions. Kuraray will continue to develop new products based on its advanced proprietary technologies to create new markets as a leading company for man-made leather.

Overview of TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi shoes adopted CLARINO man-made leather

Shoes using CLARINO
Product Number Size Color Product Weight Retail Price
(Including tax)
Release Date
SHW004 (M) 24.0–28.0cm 4E BK (black) BN (brown) Approx. 350g (A 25.0cm shoe) ¥14,700 October 21, 2010
SHW006 (M) 24.0–28.0cm 3E BK (black) BN (brown) Approx. 320g (A 25.0cm shoe) ¥13,650 October 31, 2010
SHW054 (L) 22.0–25.0cm 4E BK (black) BZ (bronze) Approx. 290g (A 23.5cm shoe) ¥13,650 October 21, 2010
Product Number Size Color Product Weight Retail Price
(Including tax)
Release Date
SHW005 (M) 24.0–28.0cm 3E 24.0~28.0cm 3E BK (black) BN (brown) Approx. 320g
(A 25.0cm shoe)
¥13,650 October 31, 2010

SHW004 (Men's)

SHW005 (Men's)

SHW006 (Men's)

SHW054 (Ladies')


Bridgestone Sports commenced sales of the "TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi" series in February 2009 in line with its basic philosophy of "make walking easy and fun."

In addition to features that ease tiredness and heat buildup inside the shoe and excellent anti-slip soles, this series introduces a new level of comfort and fun to walking. Featuring various combinations of materials in the uppers to meet the different situational needs and either gripping or lightweight soles, the TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi series offers shoes designed both for men and women.


Overview of Bridgestone Sports Cooperation
Headquarters Building E, OMORI BELLPORT, 6-22-7, Minami-Ooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0013
Establishment October 1972
Capital ¥3,000 million
Representative Sugio Fukuoka, President
Number of employees 493 (as of December 31, 2009)
Net sales ¥35,000 million (for fiscal year ended December 31, 2009)
Principal businesses Production, purchase and sale of golf balls, golf clubs, outfits and other golf-related items; purchase and sale of tennis rackets, tennis balls and other tennis-related goods; production, purchase and sale of walking shoes; planning and management of golf and tennis-related events

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