Kuraray's Niigata Plant (Kurashiki, Tainai City, Niigata Prefecture; General Manager: Noritsugu Nagatomo) received the JEED Director's Award 2010 sponsored by the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (JEED) and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. While collaborating with local authorities and a welfare organization on the management of the Kuraray Workshop, a facility that employs the intellectually challenged, the Niigata Plant garnered praise for its contribution to the promotion of employment for the region's disabled people. This award was presented on September 1, 2010 at the Shinjuku NS Building in Tokyo.

The Kuraray Workshop, a Facility for Employment of Intellectually Disabled

Established April 1997
Location Tainai City (formerly Nakajo), Niigata Prefecture
Municipalities' Role Tainai City provided to Kuraray, free of charge, a publicly owned site adjacent to the local social welfare institute "Niji-no-ie" which is operated by the welfare institution Nanahokai.
Welfare Institution Role Nanahokai works through "Niji-no-ie" to provide skills and guidance for disabled workers.
Kuraray's Role
  1. Construction of worksite
  2. Employment of the intellectually challenged and their counselors
  3. Provision of opportunities for light work such as sorting the acrylic boards generated by the Niigata Plant
  4. Guidance of intellectually challenged and development of their capabilities
Number of Intellectually
Challenged Employed
At time of establishment: 5
As of September 2010: 20

External view of Niigata Plant

Working at the Kuraray Workshop

JEED Director's Award

  • As an educational activity in tandem with the Disability Employment Support Month held in September, JEED offers an award to worksites that actively employ those with disabilities.

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