As a continuation of its corporate advertising campaign, Kuraray will air the newest episode in the "Mirabakesso"(*) TV commercial series on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

In the new "Lunch Meeting" episode, actress Riko Narumi and the intriguing alpaca "Kuraray-Chan" appear together again for the third time. Featuring non-Japanese office workers, the new episode seeks to communicate in a humorous way the message that Kuraray is a "unique global chemical manufacturer committed to contributing to the future."

The third-generation "Kuraray-Chan" appearing in this commercial is an alpaca named Mick, who replaces the second-generation alpaca named Tarakey.

  • * Derived from the campaign phrase "Mirai ni Bakeru Shinsozai" which can be literally translated as "new materials that transform into the future"

1. Summary of the TV Commercial


Kuraray Corporate Commercial "Lunch Meeting" Episode running as 15 and 30 second spots

Start of Broadcast:

August 28, 2010 (Saturday)

Broadcast Schedule:

(1) TV programming (nationwide)

"Gaia no Yoake" (Dawn of Gaia) (documentary program on economic subjects, broadcast in affiliation with TV Tokyo Corporation from 10:00 p.m. to 10:54 p.m. every Tuesday)

(2) Commercial Airing Locations

Kanto, Kansai, Niigata, Okayama, Kagawa, Ehime (Japan)
Saturday, August 28, 2010-Friday, September 17, 2010

Riko Narumi is working as a part-time waitress

Riko Narumi becomes irritated by a strange pronunciation of "Mirabakesso"

TV Commercial Storylines

"Lunch Meeting" Episode

One afternoon, Riko Narumi is working as a part-time waitress at a café.
Suddenly, she overhears a conversation that draws her attention. It is some non-Japanese office workers discussing "Mirabakesso."

It seems that they do not quite understand what Mirabakesso is.
Moreover, they mispronounce it, sayings "Miraba-kee-so"!

"(Mirabakesso is) New materials that transform into the future!"
"(In the whole world, Mirabakesso is made) Only by Kuraray! And your pronunciation is wrong!"

Although Riko wants to tell them how to pronounce it, she hesitates to do so.
Then "Kuraray-Chan," the alpaca, appears and utters the correct pronunciation of Mirabakesso.
Foreign office workers are astonished.
Kuraray-Chan's voice of "Mirabakesso" echoes through the café.

"Kuraray-Chan" pronounce "Mirabakesso"

Riko Narumi smiles

Production Staff

  • Production Company: LIGHT PUBLICITY CO., LTD.
  • Creative Director: Nobuyuki Miyadera
  • Director: Yoshinari Kamiya
TV Commercial Concept Developed by the Production Staff
Marking the fourth year of Kuraray's corporate ad campaign in 2010, the production staff planned a new commercial for the purpose of promoting the understanding of Kuraray as a "unique global chemical manufacturer committed to contributing to the future." With a spirit of "contributing to the world and individual well-being through actions that others are unable to produce," Kuraray is proud of its chemicals handling capabilities, and has been introducing "Mirabakesso," that is, materials that transform into the future, to the global market. This commercial is intended to be humorous, and features non-Japanese office workers discussing Mirabakesso. Such a scenario implies that "Mirabakesso draws attention from around the world."

2. Behind the Scenes

The commercial was shot at the end of a July that had seen extremely hot weather every day. On the first day of the shooting, however, it rained. The rain beat down as staff made preparations for shooting when it stopped, instead, it began to come down even harder. One of the staff made a teru teru bozu, a doll made from paper or cloth traditionally hung under the eaves by a string to wish for sunshine.

Perhaps thanks to the teru teru bozu, nothing prevented the shooting on the second day. The shooting place was COVA TOKYO, a historic restaurant located in Yurakucho, Tokyo. Riko Narumi acted as a part-time waitress in this commercial. Surprisingly, it was the first time for her to act as a waitress in a TV commercial. She therefore found it difficult to pass glasses containing drinks from the tray she was carrying to the customers. However, thanks to the instruction of the director and real waiters as well as her professionalism, she successfully finished the shoot and put in an excellent performance.

There was a familiar face among non-Japanese office workers at the lunch meeting. The short man with glasses who says "Miraba-kee-so maker?" also appeared in the first Kuraray TV commercial as a foreigner wearing a Mirabakesso T-shirt. He was a cheerful participant throughout the shooting of his second commercial with Kuraray. In addition, there was Mick, the real name of the alpaca playing "Kuraray-Chan" in this commercial, a male alpaca who is going to be one year old soon. Passersby stopped in their tracks when they spotted Mick, screaming with delight at his cuteness, proving the popularity of alpacas nowadays.

3. Profile of Riko Narumi

Riko Narumi was born on August 18, 1992 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Type O blood. She was cast in her first leading role in the drama "Ruri no Shima" in 2005. Her hobby is reading, playing shamisen and guitar. She played first starring role as a woman, in a series of "Sakuya konokata" by NHK. In addition, "Bushido Sixteen", "Shodo Girls-Our Koshien" which she played leading roles, released.
Her starring movie "Shojotachi no Rashinban" scheduled to be released in spring of 2010.

4. About Alpaca

Mick, the 3rd generation Kuraray-Chan Born in September 27, 2009. Took a photo in July 2010.

Alpacas are found mainly in South America. They have been domesticated since the time of the ancient Inca Empire. Alpacas live on grass and moss and grow to reach approximately 2 meters in height and 50 kg in weight. Though hard to imagine from their cute, unique appearance that stays in one's mind at just one glance, they are very cautious and shy.

5. Purpose of the Ad Campaign

Kuraray was established in 1926 in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture as a manufacturer of rayon synthetic fiber. After succeeding in the commercialization of Japan's first PVA fiber, KURALON, based on technologies developed domestically, Kuraray has utilized the technology for poval, the material used in creating KURALON, to evolve into a specialty chemical company boasting the world's largest market share for many highly functional materials developed using the Company's own technology. These materials include: poval film, which is essential for LCDs used in televisions and PCs; EVAL, a resin distinguished by its excellent gas barrier properties; and CLARINO, a type of manmade leather used in school bags and other applications.
The Company currently aims to achieve sustained growth through the expansion of businesses providing solutions to global issues, such as New energy-related businesses, Aqua businesses and Environmentally friendly businesses utilizing the technologies accumulated to date.
This corporate advertising campaign revolving around the television commercials has been conducted to support future growth and boost Kuraray's corporate brand value.
The catchphrase, "Mirai ni Bakeru Shinsozai," was chosen for exactly this reason, which is to show Kuraray's focus on the future progress of both people and the organization. We also tried to create an analogy between the potential of new materials and the potential of youth.

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