Kuraray announces its decision to increase the prices of Elastomer products in effect for all shipments on and after March 1, 2010. Details of the price revisions are given below.

Isoprene monomer, butadiene monomer and styrene monomer, the key raw materials for the Kuraray elastomer products, are secondarily produced with ethylene and propylene.

Right now, a distinct imbalance between global supply and demand for butadiene and isoprene has been emerging due to changes of feedstock which is from naphtha to natural gas mainly in North America. These changes as well as recovery of petrochemical products demand in Asian region have accordingly brought rapid cost escalation in our elastomer product line.

Given these factors, and in order to ensure ongoing supply and maintain profitability, Kuraray has decided to implement price revisions, as detailed below.

  Japan Export
Septon, Hybrar and TU-Polymer JPY 25/kg US$ 0.25/kg~US $0.35/kg
Liquid Rubber JPY 30/kg US$ 0.33/kg or EUR 0.25/kg
Trans Polyisoprene JPY 30/kg US$ 0.33/kg or EUR 0.25/kg
Isobam JPY 30/kg US$ 0.33/kg or EUR 0.25/kg
Kuramiron JPY 30/kg US$ 0.33/kg or EUR 0.25/kg

Effective date: March 1, 2010