On November 12, 2009, in partnership with the School Support Center ("SSC"), a specified nonprofit corporation, Kuraray sponsored a "Company Visit for Junior High School Students" at its Tokyo Headquarters. This visit marked the second time since 2008 that Kuraray has sponsored this event.

With the goal of "Implementing high-quality learning programs using the human resources, information and technology of Japan's most distinguished companies as educational tools," the SSC supports learning programs for junior and senior high school students. The student visit was proposed by SSC and Kuraray was happy to play host.

Six sophomore students from Takezono Higashi Junior High School in the City of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, took part in the visit. After receiving an overview of the company and touring the headquarters facility, the students engaged in a lively question and answer exchange, with the students asking a variety of questions, such as "What is the most memorable thing you have done?"

In 1991, Kuraray established the Philanthropy and Environment Committee (reorganized as the CSR Committee in 2003), which has implemented a wide range of social contribution activities under the basic policy of providing "Activities that employees can participate in voluntarily" and "Activities that can be sustained over a long period of time." Kuraray will continue to offer activities that involve children - the torchbearers of Japan's future - and provide opportunities for them to think about their future dreams and work.