Kuraray has announced its decision to increase the prices of hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers SEPTON, HYBRAR and "TU polymer." The details of the price revisions are given below.

The key materials in our elastomer products include butadiene monomer and isoprene monomer, and these are secondary products in the production of basic petrochemical materials such as ethylene and propylene.

On the supply side, a change in the production composition of secondary products due to the shift from naphtha to natural gas as the raw material used for producing ethylene, regional imbalance in the supply and demand of butadiene and isoprene, and reduced production by several ethylene centers in Europe and the United States has led to a global supply shortage, and prices have continued to rise rapidly as a result.

Due to these conditions, Kuraray has decided to make the following price revisions to ensure we are able to maintain stable supply of our products.

Details of these price revisions are as follows
1.Scope of revision Hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers SEPTON, HYBRAR,"TU polymer"
2.Price increases and effective dates Japan JPY 20 / kg
Shipments from October 1, 2009
North and South America 0.10 US$ / pound
Shipments from October 1, 2009
Europe 0.15 Euro / kg
Shipments from October 1, 2009
Asia 0.20 US$ / kg
Shipments from October 1, 2009