Kuraray Co., Ltd. (the "Company") announces that countermeasures (takeover defense) in response to large-scale purchase of Kuraray shares (the "Plan") have become effective as of today. The Plan, the introduction of which was decided at the meeting of its Board of Directors held on April 30, 2009 in place of the previous countermeasures (takeover defense) introduced on June 20, 2007 and expired as of today, has been approved by a majority of voting rights of the shareholders present at the Company's Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held today.

The Company also decided, at the meeting of its Board of Directors held after the closing of the said Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, (i) to establish a Special Committee in accordance with the Plan for the purpose of ensuring rationality and fairness in implementing the Plan, and (ii) to formally appoint the following four persons, who were preliminarily selected on April 30, 2009, as the members of the Special Committee.

Kensaku Aomoto Outside Director
Takafusa Shioya Outside Director
Hiroo Onodera Outside Company Auditor
Mie Fujimoto Outside Company Auditor

For details of the Plan, please refer to the News Release dated April 30, 2009, titled "Continuation of Countermeasures (Takeover Defense) in Response to Large-Scale Purchase of Kuraray Shares" available on the Company's website: